Ruwais Refinery - Phase 2

Ruwais Refinery in UAE, Guwertec scope of work in this project includes the construction of utility and processing units

Developing Ruwais Refinery to reach daily production of 50 million cubic meters of natural gas, 80,000 barrels of condensate gas, 400 tons of sulfur, and annually more than one million tons of liquefied petroleum gas and one million tons of ethane to feed petrochemicals.


Project Title Development Phase 2
Contract Type EPCC
Contract Duration 24 Month
Status Completed
Scope of Services Unit (120): Emergency Electrical Generation and Distribution
Unit (121): Steam Generation and Distribution
Unit (122): Fuel Gas
Unit (123): Instrument and Service Air
Unit (124): Nitrogen Generation
Unit (126): Seawater Desalination
Unit (127): Water Polishing
Unit (128): Potable Water
Unit (129): Waste Effluents Disposal
Unit (130): Fire Water
Unit (131): Diesel
Unit (132): Cooling Water