Ruwais Refinery - Phase 1

Ruwais Refinery in UAE, The contract for the development of phase 1 of Ruwais project has been signed between Ruwais Oil and Gas Company as client and a consortium comprising Marine Facilities Engineering and Construction, National Drilling, ISOICO, and Guwertec as leader of the consortium.

Guwertec is engaged in procurement, construction, erection and running of compressor and metering station, sulfur recovery and granule making units, power distribution, steam generation and distribution unit, fuel supply systems, supply and distribution of service and precision tool air, production and storage of nitrogen, facilities for the transfer of sea water, booster pump, water packages, diesel, cooling water package, treatment of water and waste water, chemicals and sulfur storage tanks and electrical systems. Main units developed by Guwertec include:
Unit 106: Gas compression and metering unit
Unit 108: Sulfur recovery and granule making unit
Unit 109: Acid water treatment unit
Unit 120: Emergency power generation distribution unit
Unit 121: Steam generation and distribution unit
Unit 122: Fuel supply system unit
Unit 123: Precision tool and service air system unit
Unit 124: Nitrogen generation and storage unit
Unit 125: Sea water transfer equipment unit
Unit 126: Sea water desalination unit
Unit 127: Water demineralization unit
Unit 128: Potable water production
Unit 129: Industrial water and sewage treatment unit
Unit 130: Firefighting water supply system unit
Unit 131: Diesel system unit
Unit 132: Cooling water unit
Unit 144: Sulfur solidification and storage unit
Unit 146: Chemicals and propane storage unit
Unit 163: Firefighting unit
Unit 165: View gallery
Unit 176: Power substation site
In addition to:

  • Main transformers
  • Pipeline and buildings constructs