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Timur Yates
Timur YatesFounder & Chairman of the Board


With an history of developing complex projects all over Europe and Middle East, Guwertec’s success is built on long-standing relationships that require an unwavering focus on operational excellence and client engagement to deliver the best solution.

Our Management Approach is Unique, We Relies on 2 Pillars

Pre-construction and Estimates

Pre-construction and Estimates

Guwertec knows the initial stages are the deciding factors for success, for any type of endeavor. We ensure each agreement is combed through meticulously with clients.
Detailing & 3D Modeling

Detailing & 3D Modeling

Once plans are provided to Guwertec, a thorough review is performed by detailers ready to hash out every detail in order to produce the most accurate shop and erection drawings.


Our Core Goals & Values

Guwertec Group’s goal is providing consistent promotion of values for customers, staff and shareholders relying on experienced and competent employees as well as knowledge centered technology by executing industrial projects. By applying the state of art management models in local and international scales, continuous improvement of organizational processes, promoting technical knowledge, recruiting and training creative and efficient human resource and complying with international standards, we whole try to reach the highest levels of quality and work toward our stakeholders’ best interests.

More About Us

Increasing need for Electricity and valuable resources of Oil and Gas have provided a unique ground for economical and social development. Guwertec as a consulting company in the fields of Power Plant, Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries, was originally established in 2009 as one of the private corporators of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. In those years our team was capable of manage and perform big projects in various fields.
We're a Consultation Group who provides all needed services in constructing Power Plant, Oil and Gas sites and also plans for repairing equipment, certificate achievement and etc. There are also teach and training plans in our services for engineering departments of industries that want to reach more technical and economic efficiency.
The point of difference between us and other competitors is our cooperation with known international producers and engineering companies, so we've gained the potential to support the large scale national, and international projects.

The most skillful and well-trained technical staff to us are organized to utilize the latest tools including CAD techniques for the execution of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Petroleum Refineries, Power Plants and generally, all other related industries projects.
In these projects, Guwertec performs feasibility studies, project management, engineering, procurement services, purchasing and equipment supply and delivery, site supervision, managing contract, construction, commissioning and start-up.The team with more than 40 personnel and present working capacity of 96,000 man-hour per year is able to take full responsibility of large scale projects as a GC/MC partner. We are enable to form joint ventures and/or cooperate in consortium type agreements with reputable international companies.

Our Time Line

Jun 2009


In 2009 Guwertec established and began consulting in the field of Power Plant industries. Executive operations and procurement of auxiliary from local market were our job in those yeats.

Jun 2009

Feb 2011


In February 3, 2011, Guwertec officially registered with cooperation of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey.

Mar 2015

Oil & Gas Industries

Development of Arab countries in oil and gas industries made an idea for us to develope our knowledge and services in oil and gas industries.

Mar 2015

Nov 2018

Second Office

Our workload in countries around persian gulf created the need to establish a local office, Our Second office officially established in the winter of 2018 with welcome of the Kingdom, in Muscat, Oman.

Vision & Perspective

We are a high educated and professional family and We will not spare any effort to make our group a lively place for the excellence of creativity and decency while achieving a deep feeling of trust and honesty by respecting each other and pursuing goals that benefits the whole rather than individuals. We feel a strong commitment to keep our customers constantly satisfied with our services. We are to understand and fulfill our societal responsibilities. We cherish our green Land, clean waters, blue sky and constantly try to reach the peaks of quality.
It's our vision to be the most effective, knowledgeable and Professional contractor of Power Plants, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.